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From end of February to end of March 2023 we will conduct our last joint field activities within the project BIOCULT together with our partners from Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia. Activities will cover the two broad research fields, natural sciences and social sciences. These two areas will be represented by several thematic working packages, which are worked on by scientists and students from Ethiopia, Kenya and Europe. The different working packages will be presented in the following, topic-wise. 

  • Land-use and land-cover change 
  • Plant community ecology
  • Forest carbon stock 
  • Community ecology of butterflies 
  • Mark-release recapture of butterflies 
  • Insect diversity in canopies 
  • Rapid Ecosystem Function Assessment 
  • Bird ecology
  • Social and cultural interests and practices
  • Biodiversity-related attitudes and values
  • Formal and informal education
  • Education for sustainable development/climate change education