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Rapid Ecosystem Function Assessment

In addition to the existence of water sources, there are a number of other important ecosystem functions or services provided by nature that are essential for a successful subsistence economy and smallholder farming in the Taita Hills. To analyse ecosystem services, three proxies (seeds dispersal, pollination activity, predation) were studied in different habitat types (cloud forest, forest edge, plantation, agricultural land), and along gradients (from forest interior to the adjacent agricultural land). Data collection was based on the Rapid Ecosystem Assessment protocol (Meyer et al. 2017 - Handbook). These activities were conducted and measured by Felistas Mwania, Francis Gona, Linus Mbogo Chomba, Dr. Marianne Maghenda, Onesmos Kioko and supervised by Prof. Jan Christian Habel (PLUS) and Dr. Mike Teucher (MLU).