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Visit to Europe

The african cooperation colleagues of the BIOCULT project Prof. Dr. Halimu Shauri, Prof. Dr. Ali Maarifa Mwakumwanya, Dr. Marianne Maghenda, Dr. Maria Fungomeli, Prof. Dr. Habtamu Deffersha and Prof. Dr. Solomon Legesse from Kenya and Ethiopia will be in Europe for a 2-week visit during June 2023, to discuss the current results from the project, and to develop further steps in this project, as well as potential follow-up projects. This trip will start with a stay at MLU Halle-Wittenberg with Mike Teucher. The guests will visit the Senckenberg Enthomology Institute in Potsdam, where Thomas Schmitt will welcome the team for one day. Then the East-African colleagues will travel to Passau to spend time with Christine Schmitt at University of Passau. From there, the visitors will attend the annual meeting of the Society for Tropical Ecology in Budweis (Czech Republic). The Biocult project will be represented at this annual meeting with a session on “Biodiversity and people: the role of culture and tradition in biodiversity conservation”. Details from the current Biocult project will be presented there. The stay in Europe will be concluded with a visit to University of Salzburg (PLUS), where Jan Christian Habel will accommodate the team.