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In preparation for the upcoming workshops and fieldwork in Ethiopia (phase 1) of the Biocult project, a one-week pathfinding mission took place. During this trip, church forests and institutions around Addis Ababa were visited (e.g. Entoto church forest close to Addis Ababa, Menagesha Chruch Forest, institutions e.g. ETHIO-DICAC, Oromia Forest and Wild Life Enterprise). Subsequently, church forests and institutions around Bahir Dar were also visited (such as Bahir Dar University, EOC-DICAC Regional Office Addis Zemen). Part of this pathfinding trip were scientists from Bahir Dar University (Habtamu Deffersha, Solomon Legesse), as well as Mike Teucher (MLU Halle) and Jan Habel (PLUS Salzburg). This trip took place in early December 2022 for 1 week. As a result, the extensive activities of phase 1 of the Biocult project for Ethiopia planned for February/March 2022 were established. Subba Menagesha or Taragedam church forest at Addis Zemen emerged as the most suitable study region. This church forest is large enough to conduct extensive natural and social science studies. It also has the necessary logistics, such as accommodation for up to 40 people, electricity and running water. We are very much looking forward to a joint and extensive activity in early 2023 (1 – 3 months).