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Stakeholder meeting

The Biocult project is divided into three phases: 1. data collection in the field and scientific work in the respective project areas, 2. workshop to identify potential stakeholders in order to transfer the theoretical findings into practice, and 3. implementation of practice-oriented activities. The identification of potential stakeholders will take place during a workshop (in September) at Bahir Dar University in Ethiopia. Results from the fieldwork will be presented to the local experts and community, followed by a discussion on roles among different stakeholders. During this workshop, potential stakeholders will be selected as possible partners for the subsequent implementation phase. Possible implementation activities to improve the protection of the Tara Gedam Church Forest and generally of resources and intact nature could be:

  • Training of staff (recording of biodiversity, species identification, preparation of collected material, establishment of a local / national collection of e.g. insects) (north-south);
  • Training of local field-ornithologists (e.g. mist-netting and ringing-course at NMK Nairobi) (south-south);
  • Development of a forest management plan for the Tara Gedam Church Forest (core-area with strict protection, planting of fast-growing woods for energy supply beyond the forest, reduction/control of grazing cattle);
  • Alternative energy resources (establishment of solar panels and electric stoves, more efficient use of wood).