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Prof Dr. Jan Christian Habel
Home institution

Paris Lodron University Salzburg

Evolutionary Zoology

Department of Conservation Biology



I am working in different fields of evolutionary biology, conservation biology and ecology on invertebrates (as butterflies, carabids, scorpions) and vertebrates (mainly bird species). In my research studies I am focusing on:

  • The biological value of extant populations (relict species)
  • North Africa as speciation centre and refugium of thermophilic species
  • Biodiversity hotspots under global change
  • Evolution processes in East African mountain forests including the impact of recent habitat destruction of these ecosystems

My main-interest is bringing together several research-aspects (interdisciplinary approaches from different scientific fields), analysed with a wide range of methods as:

  • Molecular genetics (alloenzymes electrophoresis, microsatellites, AFLPs, DNA sequencing, single nucleotide polymorphisms)
  • Ecological analyses (Nestedness analyses, Mark-Release-Recapture experiments)
  • Geometric morphometricsBioacoustics analyses
  • TelemetryEcological modelling

The central question is how intraspecific characters (as morphology, molecules and behaviour) are affected by past and recent environmental conditions.

Thematic focus
conservation biology
animal ecology