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Insect diversity in tree canopies

Insects represent the highest number of species on earth. In this working package, students and scientists assessed the diversity of arthropods across the church forest, inside the forest, along the forest margin, and in adjoining agricultural fields. Hereby insects on the ground (e.g. grasshoppers, ear-wigs), as well as flying insects (in the tree canopy, mid-height, and near ground level) were considered. Flight-interception traps (also equipped with LEDs during night) and pit-fall traps were used to collect insects. This activity was mainly supervised by Jonas Eberle (PLUS) and Martin Husemann (Leibniz Institute for the Analysis of Biodiversity Change - CENAK), in close collaboration with Dr. Melaku (BDU). The following students were involved in this activity: Wubet Ashagire, Tewodors Solomon, Gabriel Ziegler, Robert Michael Haas.