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Stakeholder meetings

The Kaya forests at the coast and the fighis at Taita Hills form unique islands and retreats of cultural- and bio-diversity. In order to successfully preserve these forest remnants for future generations with their great biodiversity and cultural heritage, efficient conservation strategies are the basic prerequisite. Phase 2 of the BIOCULT project is dedicated to the identification of potential stakeholders, and the analysis of problems and challenges, as well as the development of possible solution approaches. Phase 2 will be implemented as workshop format, for the respective project regions Taita Hills and Kayas of the coastal region. Therefore we invite representatives from theoretical and practical nature conservation, as well as from politics and the educational sector, and from different areas of administration to discuss better protection of these forest remnants.

  1. Workshop - Identification of activities and stakeholders at Pwani University
  2. Workshop - Identification of Activities and Stakeholders Taita Taveta University