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Bird ecology in cloud forest fragments

Besides numerous endemic and rare insect species, there are also some bird species that are found exclusively in the cloud forests of the Taita Hills, such as bird species Placid Greenbul (Phyllastrephus placidus). The behaviour of individuals of this bird species, as well as the persistence of local populations of this species, is highly dependent on habitat quality. Individuals of this bird species are captured with japanned nets and their body condition is examined. Afterwards, they will be equipped with a transmitter that allows to follow the individuals in order to analyse their movement behaviour and habitat use. This telemetry study is conducted by Gladys Kung’u, Linda Awila, and led by Beate Apfelbeck (PLUS - co-funded by DFG). The following technicians are involved in this work package: John Maganga, Nathaniel Mwaumba Mkombola, Peter Kafusi and Laurence Chovu.