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The next activity (February 2022) will take place in the Kayas in the south of Kenya. The Kayas (=homestates of clans) are - similar to the Fighis - of highest relevance for the conservation of cultural and biological diversity. In our short and very intensive pathfinding mission to the coastal region of Kenya, we have had discussions with people that will be involved in or with Kayas work, or in our activities. We also went on a field trip to three Kayas (Kaya Fungo, Kaya Rabai, Kaya Kambe) and talked on site with Kaya elders about a potential activity in their Kaya and with local people. The following criteria were relevant for the selection of an adequate study area and Kaya:

  • Accessibility and permission to work in the Kaya
  • Logistics (e.g. hosting)
  • Ecosystem condition

We selected Kaya Kambe as most suitable - and are looking forward doing our studies there in the near future!