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Insect diversity in tree canopies

The greatest arthropod diversity in tropical forests is found in the tree canopy. The arthropod diversity of the Kaya Kambe as well as in the adjacent agricultural fields and along the forest edge was investigated using so-called cross window traps. In addition, the vertical distribution of arthropod diversity (in tree canopy, mid-height, and near ground level) was determined. The cross window traps were also equipped with LEDs, and thus the nocturnal arthropod diversity was also recorded. This activity was carried out by the students Purity Ncabira (Taita Taveta University), Hanamariam Mekonnen Adal (Bahir Dar University), Nomi Sihler, Tobias Seifert, Maximilian Schröcker, Markus Rainer, and Jonathan Schwarz (PLUS), and was lead supervised by Dr. Jonas Eberle and Prof. Dr. Jan Christian Habel (both PLUS).