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Stakeholder Workshop at Pwani University (September 18th -20th  2022)

Phase 2 of the Biocult project aims at identifying potential stakeholders and developing potential activities. For this purpose, a workshop was held at Pwani University. The workshop was divided into the following steps: 

  1. presentation of research findings (from phase 1)
  2. identification of key objectives – common goals with stakeholders (conservation of an intact forest ecosystem for nature and people)
  3. identification of potential changes for better protection of culture and nature, and people's livelihood (synergy map)
  4. development of activities that can be implemented with the community

About 20 people from the fields of science, governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, as well as education participated in the workshop. On the basis of the generated results the implementation and realization of scientifically accompanied activities will be oriented in phase III.